Club Housekeeping Items

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone has enjoyed their first couple of weeks of netball and that you have got a win on the board. A couple of housekeeping points;

  1. I have distributed the draw for next Thursday. Please be sure to note times and umpire requirements.
  2. Last week Darcy ended up umpiring two games as nobody from the Div 3 teams stayed to umpire. It is very important that teams and players step up to umpire when required.
  3. I think every one has filled in a rego form – so if you are not sure please see me at training or on game night.
  4. As a club we are running a raffle to help offset cost for new uniforms – I have collected quiet a few items but would love to have any items that members can donate organized by Thursday night as the tickets will be given out at training and the game in the same week.

That’s about it