Farewell and thank you – Sue Kendrick

After 20(!) years of being at the helm of the Northern Districts Eagles Netball Club, Sue Kendrick has recently stepped down as president.

We cannot thank her enough for everything she has given to the NDE family and the way she has lead this club.

Sue always stayed true to the primary purpose of our netball club, which is to provide an atmosphere of fun, teamwork, sportsmanship and development, be part of a team regardless of standard or success and to promote participation and good health of the members and their families (and yes – that bit came straight from our constitution).

She has been instrumental in the development and growth of many of NDE’s juniors from Nettas to seniors, and has done so in a way that brought not just players and teams together, but created a whole NDE family ❤️💛💙.

We will miss her enormously and wish her all the very best in her travels and subsequent move to Victoria.

Thank you Sue, for giving our club so much of your passion, dedication, knowledge, leadership and time. You have left us with some big shoes to fill, but also with a club we are proud of and are looking forward to continuing in the same spirit.

We are holding a Special General Meeting on Sunday 4 December 2022, to appoint a new president and additional committe members – details to follow.