Raffle Prizes Drawn

I am extremely happy to announce that we raised just over $2000 in our club raffle – An awesome effort and I would like to thank all the players and supporters who sold and bought tickets and organised prizes. This money will go towards new uniforms and training singlets for players.

Below is a list of all those who won prizes and they will be contacted over the weekend to select their prize. Congratulations to our winners and thank you for supporting our netball club and thanks again also to those businesses who kindly donated prizes.

Prize winners:

1. Kathy Snowball 9. Lloyd 17. Luke Sheahen
2. Nick Tait 10. Adam B 18. Melanie
3. Alison Skeehan 11. Lotus 19. Jordan Eldridge
4. Claire Elliston 12. William Fuller 20. Adam Elliston
5. Jordan Eldridge 13. Kylie 21. Natasha
6. Haley 14. Angela Gabolinscy 22. Nazar
7. Vicki 15. Jill Logan
8. Piero 16. Lotus Kelly